Mihira R Clinic is an orthopedic clinic in Kanazawa City( Ishikawa prefecture )
We have Orthopedics, Rehabilitation and Rheumatology department.

English is available in this clinic.
Dr.Mihira is not a native speaker of English, but he can communicates with you in English to some extent.

This is a guide for those who visit our clinic for the first time.


At your initial visit, appointment is not necessary.
Please visit our clinic directly during our business hours.

If you want to make an appointment of consultation, please contact us and reconfirm in advance.
(We may not be able to make an appointment due to prior appointment and we also don't accept the appointment on the day.)

Contents of our clinical care

・ History taking
・ Medical examination
( e.g. orthopedic, neurological, muscle test, X-ray exam, Ultrasonic exam etc... )
・ Consultation( assessment, diagnosis )
・ Medical treatment( e.g. injection, bandage, injury treatment, plaster cast etc... )
・ Rehabilitation( physical therapy, electric therapy )
・ Prescribe a medicine ( Prescription )


It depends on the situation and contents of examination, but it'll take about 2,000~5,000yen using your health insurance in general. ( If you pay by on your own, it'll take more. )

Time required

It depends on the congestion and the contents of situation, it'll take about an hour and a half in total. ( If you do physical therapy on the day, maybe it'll take another hour or so.)


Japanese health insurance / Automobile liability insurance / Worker's accident insurance

You can use Japanese health insurance.( If you don't use health insurance, please tell us that you'll pay by on your own. )

Automobile liability insurance and Worker's accident insurance are also available.( Procedure is required in advance. )


Cash / Credit Card

We accept payment in cash and by credit card.

If you schedule to use an Automobile liability insurance or Worker's accident insurance, you can only pay in cash until procedures will be decided.


Please call us at 076-261-2335 ( Reception )

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